Heather Stewart Sing, Swing & Strings

Heather Stewart is one of the best dedicated jazz singers and violinists, leading bands around the world at festivals, smoky jazz clubs to concert halls. Sing, String & Swing is her new project bringing to life 1920s, 30s to 40s jazz with authenticity and some of the best jazz musicians the world has to offer. Heather's voice is subtle and smooth like velvet, sounding like singers of old and entirely her own. She leads her band with confidence and an affinity with the old ways - enjoying the thrill of allowing the ensemble to improvise and move and change form

The Band feature the finest Melbourne and international jazz musicians including John Scurry, Lin Wallis, Leigh Barker, Michael Mcquaid, Jason Downes, Julien Wilson, Eamon Mcnellis, Matt Boden, Steven Grant, Andy Baylor, Eugene Ball, Paul Williamson...

NEW SHOWS stay tuned!

Heather Stewart - acoustic folk/blues

Heather Stewart is a dedicated singer, violinist, freelance musician and songwriter. She not only holds her own in the world of jazz with her beautiful voice and swinging violin, Heather also delves into the worlds that surrounded and came before jazz of acoustic blues and folk.  "Musical journeys of blues and folk were thriving before and simultaneously with the world of Jazz in the early 20th Century. I can't help but delve further into the music and lives therein." Heather performs and writes music influenced by these eclectic yet intricately linked musical traditions.

Limited Edition EP for Heather Stewart Trio on a wild journey of acoustic blues singers, fiddle players and small travelling blues bands. Featuring Danny McKenna, Dan Dinnen and Heather Stewart.

• Debut album Get Your Fingers Off It! delved deeper into the American music of strong blues women with stories to tell and strength to stand and tell them in a man's world. This album won three awards Best Female Artist of the Year, Best Debut Album of the Year & Best Self Produced Album of the Year.

• NEW album City With No Name brings the next chapter in Heather's acoustic blues and folk journey. It delves further into old vocal and fiddle blues, desert music from Mali, and folk songs inspired by Heather's homeland of southern NSW Australia. Album features Dan Dinnen, Danny McKenna, Heather Stewart, Leigh Barker and Julia Turner.

The band lineup continues evolving, including acoustic blues and folk musicians from Australia and around the world. Recent performances with the Bloomin' Heathers.
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Leigh Barker // The New Sheiks

This band is the baby of Bassist and band leader Leigh Barker. Heather Stewart has featured as lead singer and violinist in this band for ten years performing a range of jazz and blues standards and originals. In 2011, The New Sheiks won the Bell Award for Best Traditional Jazz Album, followed by sell out tours and four more albums The Sales Tax 2012, Australiana 2013, Flow Like Wine 2015, and digital album The Last Sheiks.

Leigh Barker also leads the original music and dance project The Melbourne Rhythm Project with multiple-international champion Swing and Lindy Hop dancer and choreographer Ramona Staffeld. Together with Heather on vocals and violin, this show has featured at major Australian festivals and concert venues including Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Melbourne Town Hall, Stonnington Jazz Festival, Apollo Bay and Brunswick Music Festivals, Frankston Arts Centre and Melbourne's premier concert hall Hamer Hall.

Leigh's bands feature Australia's finest jazz musicians Eamon McNelis, Donald Stewart, Heather Stewart, Matt Boden, Steven Grant, Sam Young, Jason Downes, Michael McQuaid, John Scurry and Leigh Barker.

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Bloomin' Heathers

Acoustic folk & blues
Songs, originals & fiddle tunes from OZ, UK & USA
Guitar, Twin fiddles, three part vocal harmonies & mandolin.

The Bloomin' Heathers are award winning, multi-instrumentalists Heather Stewart, Ewen Baker and Jim Green. These three Melbourne musicians come from folk, jazz, blues, cajun and songwriting backgrounds and together create a top shelf acoustic folk band.  With three perfectly blending voices, two fiddles, mandolin and guitar, the Heathers bring you a world of soaring folk songs, fiddle tunes, beautiful new originals and old gems they've breathed into vibrant life with skillful instrumentation and exquisite three part harmonies.

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